Current Vacancies :

​Konane Solutions LLC encourages the existing employees to recommend qualified persons for the Software Developers and Sr. Database Administrators positions, detailed below. We offer $1000 for each referral, if the candidate meets the minimum requirements and employed with Konane for a minimum period of 180 days.

Position Title:     Sr. Database Administrators

Sr. Database Administrators with Konane Solutions, LLC will Translate a logical data model or user specifications into a physical design. Ensure the detailed physical design of data structures and database complies with enterprise build and configuration standards and processes. Coordinate with system engineers to configure servers for Oracle product installation and database creation. Install, configure, and maintain Oracle software on database and application servers as required. Create physical database structures based on physical design for development, test, and production environments. Provide consultation to application development teams on Oracle database technical issues and techniques. Responsible for database performance testing and tuning, user configuration, security and support processes including gather stats and database backup/recovery. Coordinate downtime with application development teams and system engineers to implement approved changes. Interface with Software Vendors to answer questions or resolve performance issues. Skills in SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, Partitioning, Data modeling, Logical and Physical Design, Backup and Recovery Procedures.

Position requirements: Must have Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical engineering or related.

Position Title:     Software Developers

Software Developers with Konane Solutions, LLC will be responsible in gathering the requirements and build the top-level dashboards in various tools to showcase the complete health of the applications in single pane of glass. Responsible for Installation, Configuration, Migration, Troubleshooting and analysis of technical products and systems. Integration of AWS/SQL/ServiceNow/Tableau/AppDynamics/Dynatrace with Splunk for generating PagerDuty services/incidents and alerts for the teams and coordinating cross trainings. Responsible for database Tuned existing mappings, targets, sources, sessions, and SQL queries to improve the performance of work units. Use SRE platform to scale systems without increasing resources. Conduct Optimized searches, Macro Searches, Data-Models, Summary Indexing, and tags. Involve in production support and doing hot fix deployments and code changes. Report modules, Knowledge Objects, Administration, Add-Ons, Dashboards, Clustering and Forwarder Management. Provide consultation to application development teams. Use skill in SPL, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, XML, HTML-5, CSS, Python, Basic JAVA, Data warehousing, Data Architecture & Extraction, Transformation, and loading (ETL) data from various sources into Data Warehouse and Data Marts using Informatica PowerCenter. 

Position requirements: Must have Master’s Degree in IT, Computer Science, Electrical engineering or related.​